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Search engine marketing provides a fast and effective way to market your business online, measure return on investment and target customers or visitors that search for your products or services. Google AdWords and Facebook PPC is our specialty.
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Lou Storiale developed a 27-point SEO Strategy that has led to thousands of first page Google results. We implement a custom strategy for each website and we guarantee results.
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80-Page SEO Strategy

This document is the most comprehensive SEO Strategy in existence. This algorithm was created as a guide for all web development companies and small business owners to learn what strategies to implement to get that website on Google's first page.
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Website Project Management

What Makes a Project Successful?

Technical Experience

For over 14 years, Lou Storiale has had his shirt sleeves rolled up while being in the trenches of website development. Beginning as a proof-reader, then learning HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, PHP, SQL Server, ColdFusion and over 30 additional programs and technologies, Lou has participated in every aspect of website development with a never-ending passion and voracious appetite for reading and learning. It seems that every time a new project arises, a new technology is required. Lou dives right in.

This type of attitude and commitment to excellence has resulted in successful websites for a variety of businesses including associations, nonprofit think tanks, government agencies, libraries, local businessess, large direct marketing companies, and e-commerce sites.


Communication is intangible and immeasurable; but a good communicator is priceless. Good communication is crucial to the overall project management experience and systemic practices can be utilized.

  • Over Communicate - When in doubt, make the mistake of over communicating
  • Document Everything - From change order requests to vacation notifications, it all helps keep the team informed
  • The Drive-Thru Approach - Repeat your understanding of even the smallest elements of a project, allow others to review documentation for accuracy
  • Getting Buy-In - If the entire team and/or the client aren't "sold" on the project or features, it may be difficult to get a project completed on-time. Get team, client, stake-holder and end-user buy-in. Listen to requests, issues and new ideas. Implement what you can, communicate what can not be implemented and why. Get Buy-In... even when you don't NEED to
  • Status Updates - Ensure everyone involved in the projects knows exactly where the project stands in the ovrall goal of the completion date, feature statuses, cost and budget estimates, possible impediments and relative project news. Weekly is recommended but never longer than 2 weeks
  • Be Nice and Smile Often - Never underestimate the value of a happy employee, vendor, or client.

Project Management Strategies

Lou Storiale has managed the design, redesign, and website migration of over 50 websites for over 35 companies. Lou brings best practices throughout the website industry, an insane commitment to the project timeline and a comprehensive knowledge of project management strategies.

The best way to ensure that best practices are being implemented, project management education is required. Lou Storiale has the following qualifications:
  • PMP certification by the Project Management Institute, the nation's foremost authority on project management.
  • Master's degreein project management from DePaul University
  • Scrum master certification, the most widely used Agile Project Management practice in the U.S.
  • Critical Chain Project Management created by Goldblatt, in the book The Goal. This methodology is taught in business schools throughout the United States as a standard for creating more efficient and productive operations within system.

Learning common and best practices in the industry provides options and alternatives when the project plan is affected by outside circumstances such as:

  • Additional Features
  • Staffing Issues
  • Budgetary Issues
  • Political Circumstances (government shutdowns)
  • Leader/Board of Directors Decision Making
  • Decision Making Delays

Lou Storiale has worked diligently to gain the most technical website knowledge, to learn project management best practices and strategies, and to communicate in a way that propels the project forward to completion; on-time and within budget.

Portfolio (Nonprofit and Associations)

NonProfit Organizations and Associations

  • The Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons
  • Cruise Lines International Association
  • Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association
  • The National Community Pharmacists Association (2 websites)
  • The National Business Incubation Association
  • National Merit Scholarship Corporation
  • Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute (PERI, Inc.)
  • FASTENNetwork
  • Hudson Institute (14 micro-sites)
  • Center on Economic Progress
  • Association of Legal Administrators
  • The Chicago Public Library
  • Center on Faith in Communities
  • Elevate Urban Youth
  • Heartland Institute
  • Sagamore Institute
  • Esperanza Community Services

Government Websites

  • The Chicago Public Library (The largest public libary in the world)