Lou Storiale

Lou Storiale

Lou Storiale is a certified project management professional (PMP) and Scrum Master with over 14 years of experience in enterprise website management and internet marketing.
search engine marketing services

search engine marketing

Search engine marketing provides a fast and effective way to market your business online, measure return on investment and target customers or visitors that search for your products or services. Google AdWords and Facebook PPC is our specialty.
seo services

search engine optimization

Lou Storiale developed a 27-point SEO Strategy that has led to thousands of first page Google results. We implement a custom strategy for each website and we guarantee results.
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80-Page SEO Strategy

This document is the most comprehensive SEO Strategy in existence. This algorithm was created as a guide for all web development companies and small business owners to learn what strategies to implement to get that website on Google's first page.
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Content Management Services

We specialize in creating and managing content management systems for private, nonprofit and government institutions

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Easy to add, edit and delete content
  • Easy to upload content to multiple areas of your website
  • Scalable to fit your needs as a company (no CMS is too big or too small)

We also train your staff to use your content management system. This means you save money and time.

We have experience in the following content management systems used from 2001 - 2012.

3rd Party Content Management Systems

Out-of-the-box content management systems can be utilized to manage your website as well. Since 1999 Storiale Consulting Group has implemented and customized out-of-the-box content management systems, portals and open-source applications.

Serena Collage

An enterprise content management system used on tens of thousands of websites, Lou Storiale managed the Chicago Public Library website in 2009. This content management system is considered an "enterprise content management system" as is used for extremely large website, usually 10,000 pages or more.

Proprietary Content Management Systems

Some companies build their own content management systems, then lease the rights to medium and large-sized companies. Such a system was implemented by High Point Solutions in 2003. This content management system was used to create the award winning FASTENnetwork.org, a site managed by Lou Storiale from 2003-2007.


An open source content management system first popularized as a blogging platform. Wordpress has evolved into one of the most utilized content management systems for small business websites. Its open source status has allowed thousands of contributor to produce some of the best and easiest plugins for content management, e-commerce, mailing lists, testimonials, captcha applications and much more. Storiale Consulting Group has created several websites using WordPress including a realtor website for Mike Tootelian that made it to Google's first page, first result when searching "bucktown realtor." This listing made it to the top-spot in just 4 weeks.


This content management system was used by the Professional Education Institute for the carletonsheets website, which Lou Storiale managed in 2007. Joomla was used for the company website, e-commerce, blog, podcast, articles, and landing pages. Joomla is one of the most used content management systems in the United States.


One of the main competitors of Joomla, Drupal, is best known for its use in high-content websites and is used by many public libraries. Another open source platform, Drupal is seen as easier to use than Joomla by many critics. Drupal should be considered as a content management option for high-content websites only.


An up-and-coming content management system that began as a proprietary CMS, but was released as open source recently. SilverStripe was used on the Sonia Roselli website in 2010. SilverStipe is highly customizable and scalable. SilverStripe is the preferred out-of-the-box content management system by Storiale Consulting Group.

Aqualogic Portals

AquaLogic comprised a software suite developed by BEA Systems for managing service-oriented architecture (SOA). Following the acquisition of BEA by Oracle Corporation in April 2008, most of the software have been renamed and the term AquaLogic is not used in any new Oracle product. However, this portal system was managed by Lou Storiale from 2007-2008 during his time with the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA). ALA used this system to operate and managed their member portal.

Learning Management Systems


A learning management system used to produce almost every University online course from 1998-2007, WebCT was purchase by BlackBoard and remains one of the most utilized learning management systems in the U.S. Lou Storiale utilized this LMS for many of the online courses for the Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute from 1999-2001.


An award winning learning management system, WebMentor is highly customizable even though it is a proprietary system. Government, military, university and private company online training systems have been created using WebMentor. Lou Storiale used WebMentor in the creation of 2 online courses for the Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute in 2001.

Whether it is an out-of-the-box application or a custom content management system for your site, we can help provide your company with a solution that works for your website visitors, staff and budget.