search engine marketing services

search engine marketing

Search engine marketing provides a fast and effective way to market your business online, measure return on investment and target customers or visitors that search for your products or services. Google AdWords and Facebook PPC is our specialty.
seo services

search engine optimization

Lou Storiale developed a 27-point SEO Strategy that has led to thousands of first page Google results. We implement a custom strategy for each website and we guarantee results.
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SEO download

80-Page SEO Strategy

This document is the most comprehensive SEO Strategy in existence. This algorithm was created as a guide for all web development companies and small business owners to learn what strategies to implement to get that website on Google's first page.
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Website Management Services

Lou Storiale has managed small, medium and large websites for private, nonprofit and government institutions for over 12 years.

On-Call Webmaster Services

  • Affordable monthly or on-call website management services
  • Contract a freelance webmaster for a day, a week, or even a month
  • Updates and changes done quickly and accurately
  • News, events, address changes, added services or products
  • We fix those annoying typos and make formatting changes for a more professional look

HTML Programming

  • Do you need additional content added to your site?
  • Layout of your pages not lining up correctly?
  • Well-programmed pages for fast download and easy reading
  • Cascacing Style Sheets for site-wide changes in just a few minutes
  • Would you like to have a form on your site, but don't know how to program it?

Website Updates

Timely information is thekey to a successful website

  • Blog content uploaded quickly
  • Articles, white-papers, op-eds and commentary
  • Do you have information from 2011 still listed on your site?

Social Media Services

  • Twitter Updates
  • Facebook Updates
  • Digg | Technorati | Delicious
  • External Blogs and Bulletin Board Updates

Content Management Systems

We specialize in creating content management systemsfor small businesses that are:

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Easy to add, edit and delete content
  • Easy to upload content to multiple areas of your website
  • Scalable to fit your needs as a company (no CMS is too big or too small)