Lou Storiale

Lou Storiale

Lou Storiale is a certified project management professional (PMP) and Scrum Master with over 14 years of experience in enterprise website management and internet marketing.
search engine marketing services

search engine marketing

Search engine marketing provides a fast and effective way to market your business online, measure return on investment and target customers or visitors that search for your products or services. Google AdWords and Facebook PPC is our specialty.
seo services

search engine optimization

Lou Storiale developed a 27-point SEO Strategy that has led to thousands of first page Google results. We implement a custom strategy for each website and we guarantee results.
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80-Page SEO Strategy

This document is the most comprehensive SEO Strategy in existence. This algorithm was created as a guide for all web development companies and small business owners to learn what strategies to implement to get that website on Google's first page.
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How We Created The 20-Point SEO Strategy?

Lou Storiale has researched Google search strategies since 2001 and was able to bring Hudson Institute to Google's first page within 3 months in 2002. This was Lou's first SEO Success..

Failure Leads To SEO Success

After some mistakes made on his website In 2008, Lou went to work to improve his rankings. Lou began studying, reading, researching, testing and implementing every successful strategy that was known. In fact, Lou completely changed the Storiale.com website design three times in 12 months in order to establish his site to Google's first page. Google "Chicago Marketing Company" and you'll see a highly competitive keyword phrase in the 3rd largest city in the United States on Google's first page. it has been there since 2009.

Real World SEO Testing

After several months of research, Lou began implementing his strategies on client sites. Google rankings rapidly increased for each of these website and within weeks they were ranking on Google's first page.

Though search engine optimization was a service that was provided by Storiale Consulting Group since 2003, it had yet begun to catch the attention of small business owners. In 2008, when the economy was headed for a steep decline, small business owners needed a relatively inexpensive way to attract new customers. The timing of Lou's 20-Point Search Engine Optimization Strategy was perfect. Lou had a strategy that worked 100% of the time and small business owners wanted this service.

The Success of SEO Failure

In the past 3 years, each website that received the 20-Point Search Engine Optimization Strategy, reached Google's first page - and often under multiple keyword phrases.

Our Competition

Most SEO companies do not implement more than 3 or 4 strategies for a website. The easy-to-use, seo-optimized content management systems advertised by many large companies can't even spell S-E-O let alone implement a successful program for most companies.

How does a quality SEO company differentiate itself with the snake oil salesmen that call every small business owner from Alabama to Wyoming? Results.

Our results speak for themselves. If you want results, call Storiale Consulting Group. We are the only marketing company in Chicago that guarantees results.

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