• Search Engine Optimization

  • Website Structure

    • Keywords
    • Keyword Phrases
      • Geo-location + Services
      • Geo-location + Product
      • Google Search Auto-Complete
      • Google Adwords Tools
    • Metatags
      • Title Tags
        • Pipe Delimiters
      • Description
      • Keywords (yes, still use them)
      • Social Media Metatags
    • H1 Tags
    • H2 Tags
      • Little or no Word Images
    • Text Links (internal pages)
    • Bold, Italics, Underline Keywords
    • Images
      • Image Names
      • Alt Tags
        • Accessibility
        • Google Can't Read Images
        • Keyword Phrases
          • 3-4 Words
          • location+product or service
    • Search Friendly URIs
      • Strategic Folder Names
      • Header Logo (no Div class="logo")
      • Strategic Navigation Menus
      • Breadcrumbs
      • HTAccess (no .html or .php)
      • Domain Names
        • Branding vs Descriptive
          • Examples (www.chicagoseo.com) vs (www.storiale.com)
          • Keywords and location when possible
          • Branded Advertisement (Non-SEO)

    • Google Webmaster Tools
      • 404 Error Page
      • Robots.txt
      • Sitemap (XML)
      • Google Analytics
      • Immerse Site in Google Technology

    • Site Buildout
      • 50+ Page Websites
      • SEO Landing Pages
    • Blogs (internal and external)
    • Bulletin Boards/Forums
    • List Pages/List Website
    • Popularity Building
      • Numerous Strategies
    • Niche Market Sites
  • Content Creation Techniques

    Here is a short list of the types of content that can be created to get visitors to your site, will allow social sharing and inbound links to your site.

  • Skyscraper Technique

    The Skyscraper technique is creating a content piece that is overwhelmingly comprehensive and creative that other will want to refer to it - Google will recognize it as an excellent piece of content and others will share it on Social Media

  • Ego Bait

    Ego Bait is creating content that refers, quotes or uses an example that involves someone of influence such that when they are aware of it, they will share it with their network of followers.

  • Expanded List Content

    Expanded List Content refers to information or content that can be used as an expanded bullet point list, but with explanations under each list item.  Often times this type of content is robust and comprehensive in nature.

  • Top 10, How-to and More

    Top 10 lists are always helpful content. 3rd party unbiased reviews, How-to content or simply a Best-In-Class article is always good in order to get people to link to and share with others.

  • Outreach is Required

    Outreach is making others aware of the piece of content that you created on the site.  This means emailing companies that would find the article interesting, sharing on social media and other techniques.  Some pieces of content, when given the right outreach are able to garner television media and newspaper articles and interviews.

    After you create all this content, Google will likely take notice but it will rank in accordance with the popularity and trust given to your website only... unless Outreach is conducted.

    Comprehensive outreach that reaches the media is best because their followers are the ones that will read, share and link to your content.  

    Popularity is judged by Google as the most important factor, so without outreach, most articles die on the vine.  Outreach is extremely important for long-term SEO success.