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search engine marketing

Search engine marketing provides a fast and effective way to market your business online, measure return on investment and target customers or visitors that search for your products or services. Google AdWords and Facebook PPC is our specialty.
seo services

search engine optimization

Lou Storiale developed a 27-point SEO Strategy that has led to thousands of first page Google results. We implement a custom strategy for each website and we guarantee results.
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80-Page SEO Strategy

This document is the most comprehensive SEO Strategy in existence. This algorithm was created as a guide for all web development companies and small business owners to learn what strategies to implement to get that website on Google's first page.
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How We Created The 20-Point SEO Strategy?

Lou Storiale has researched and implemented Google search strategies since 2001. Dozens of websites and hundreds of first page Google results later, Storiale Consulting is still helping small businesses in Chicago to reach Google's first page.

Guaranteed SEO Results

Google Uses An Algorithm + An Algorithm is MATH = Results Can Be Guaranteed...if you do the work required.

The trick is to find an SEO company that actually does the work.

We do the work and implement our proven strategies so results are guaranteed.

We have over 20 strategies that work in a synergistic fashion to create remarkable, often first page, Google results. In 2014 we also created a series of SEO training videos for technical and marketing folks to improve their sites or for general information and research.

Website structure equals a large part of the overall SEO strategy.

Once the structure is complete, there are only a few things that a company must consistently do. In other words, a quality website structure and site build-out are extremely important for high search rankings.

Here Are Our 20+ Strategies

Website Structure

  • Keywords
  • Keyword Phrases
    • Geo-location + Services
    • Geo-location + Product
    • Google Search Auto-Complete
    • Google Adwords Tools
  • Metatags
    • Title Tags
      • Pipe Delimiters
    • Description
    • Keywords (yes, still use them)
    • Social Media Metatags
  • H1 Tags
  • H2 Tags
    • Little or no Word Images
  • Text Links (internal pages)
  • Bold, Italics, Underline Keywords
  • Images
    • Image Names
    • Alt Tags
      • Accessibility
      • Google Can't Read Images
      • Keyword Phrases
        • 3-4 Words
        • location+product or service
  • Search Friendly URIs
    • Strategic Folder Names
    • Header Logo (no Div class="logo")
    • Strategic Navigation Menus
    • Breadcrumbs
    • HTAccess (no .html or .php)
    • Domain Names
      • Branding vs Descriptive
        • Examples ( vs (
        • Keywords and location when possible
        • Branded Advertisement (Non-SEO)
  • Google Webmaster Tools
    • 404 Error Page
    • Robots.txt
    • Sitemap (XML)
    • Google Analytics
    • Immerse Site in Google Technology
  • Site Buildout
    • 50+ Page Websites
    • SEO Landing Pages
  • Blogs (internal and external)
  • Bulletin Boards/Forums
  • List Pages/List Website
  • Popularity Building
    • Numerous Strategies
  • Niche Market Sites


First Page Google Results

Recent SEO Successes:

  • Orlowsky & Wilson, LTD - Over 50 first page Google results. (north shore estate planning)
  • Quantum Capital Investments: Over 150+ first page results in 2 weeks (chicago financial management)
  • Alice Padrul, A Chicago Bridal Couture: First page results in 3 wee. chicago wedding dresses)
  • Chicago Fight House: 6 weeks after launch, 10+ first page results (chicago boxing gym)
  • Kroshus Consulting: 10 first page results(Chicago Affordable Housing | Milwaukee Affordable Housing)
  • Symmetry Counseling: Over 40 first page results in 5 weeks. (chicago counseling | chicago therapy)
  • Artist Craftsman Supply reached Google's first page with over 100 keyword phrases in 5 weeks. Each city + art supply is on Google's first page. (boston art supply)
  • Dark Angel Towing reached Google's first page within 3 weeks and climbed over 23 pages in rankings for other keyword phrases in 4 weeks
  • Bader Company reached the first page of Google within 3 weeks (indiana storage insurance)
  • Westring Construction 1st page (bathroom remodeling Madison | basement remodeling Madison

Benefits of SEO When Done Right:

  • Easier for people to find your company's site = More Customers
  • An increase in traffic = More Calls or In-Store Visits
  • Targeted and better qualified prospects = Customers That Want Your Product or Service
  • More economical than search engine marketing
  • Unprecedented return on investment (ROI)
  • Long lasting results (up to a year or more)

When combining an adequate amount of content, structuring the site according to Google best practices and increasing the site's popularity, increasing search engine ranking is easy. All that is required is beating the online competition for particular keywords phrases.


Our results speak for themselves. If you want results, call Storiale Consulting for a Free Consultation at (773) 614.2854.