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    • I am a Chicago fashion designer, who was creating a new website. My good friend recommended to contact Storiale Consulting Group. So we contacted Lou. During the process of creating our website, Lou was very friendly, informative,knowledgeable and professional. The result was great. He also helped us to reach Google"s first page. I would highly recommend Lou to any business owner, who is looking for a knowledgeable SEO service
      ~ Alice Padrul  Google: Chicago Wedding Dresses



      "Lou stepped up and kicked some tail feather. He got all the pieces in place and created working plans for everyone to complete (even me). From here on out I will not do another project without Lou. Since the website has launched Lou has taught me so much about SEO, etc that it's mind boggling. "

      Best Rated Sonia R. Chicago, IL

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    • Taking sites to Google's first page since 2001.  Best Practices in the industry and content-oriented link-building and intelligent outreach. Is YOUR Site Optimized?

    • Creating content that is useful to people is the best way to build reputation and trust.  Not just good website structure and link building but using content to get popular.  Content Marketing:  How-to articles, reviews, videos, definition lists, comparing products or services, building entire applications and more! 

    • website usability

      You're getting people to your site, but then they are leaving... we find out why and then fix it.  E-commerce usability includes detailed site statistics, user-testing and heuristic evaluations to improve sales on e-commerce site.

    • New and redesigned websites by professional web designers/artists to create that look and feel that says, "YES!"  Mobile design and usability along with creative custom art  It's a win-win...win!

    • Lou Storiale is a Certified PMP (Project Management Professional) with over 14 years of experience.  If you have questions about managing a website project, go ahead and shoot over an email.

    • Local SEO is the best place to start for new and small businesses.  Dominate the real competition and online competition by optimizing for neighborhoods, zip codes, cities and integrating directory sites along with local review sites like YELP, Google+ and more.

    • What We Do

      We help you achieve your goal, period!  We are as committed as you are to helping your achieve your financial goals.   We provide the info, you do the work.  We can make recommendations based on your business model, website strategy, marketing plan and branding.  We know what works and we want our knowledge and experience to educate your so you can improve your site and your business.  Just keep checking back for more great content.

    • DIY SEO for Small Businesses

      1. Website and marketing answers and instruction for small business owners
      2. Website design, development, usability and structural SEO
      3. Content improvement, internet marketing, local SEO and more!
    • Ongoing Marketing Services

      Your website and your marketing strategy needs attention.  Every day, every week, every month.  If you are not improving your website, marketing strategies, creating content, or analyzing your site stats soon you'll find yourself without customers. 

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