How to Write Page Content for E-commerce or Service-Oriented Sites.

How to write page content for product pages, short introductions or descriptions on e-commerce or service-oriented sites. One of the web structural advantages that you can take advantage of in order to dominate your competition is just a bit of extra content, called…


3 Most Difficult Aspects of SEO for Small Business Owners

seo small business

The biggest issue with SEO for small business owners is they do not know where to start.  They seldom go to the bookstore or library to learn about SEO, they do attempt to find articles and instructional videos on how to conduct SEO…


Your Guide To Local SEO

local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization Techniques There is only one purpose for being on the web – To get FOUND. When your potential customers are looking for you, they likely live close – within a few miles.  Adding local SEO strategies to your business marketing plan…